United Nations to continue back Burundi in tackling corruption

10 Dec 2012

United Nations to continue back Burundi in tackling corruption

10 December 2012 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General today reminded the UN readiness to continue support Burundian institutions in promoting good governance and combat against corruption initiatives, namely the revision of the anti-corrption legal framework and encoutraged civil society's participation in the fight against corruption in Burundi.

« The United Nations stands ready to support any initiative aimed at strengthening the effeciency and performance of institutions which promote good governance and fight against corruption », Parfait Ananga-Onyanga said in an event organized by the Governament and the United nations to mark the International anti-corruption day.

« The fight against corruption requires macroeconomic accountability, transparency and participation of civil society organizations. (...) Civil society organizations are essential and necessary partners in this fight. Combat corruption should be all citizens business», he added.

SRSG Onanga-Anyanga also commended Burundian government recent progresses in fighting corruption as stated in « East Africa Bribery Index 2012 » and « Ease Doing Business » reports which ranked Burundi East African second less corrupted country and one of the 10 best world reformer countries. « We count on your strong will and determination to perpetuate 2012 success. Challenges remain», SRSG commended Burundian President of Republic, who chaired the event.

For his part, President Pierre Nkurunziza recalled some measures implemented by the authorities such as the implementation of a legal framework in accordance with international standards and announced the allotment of 400 million Burundian francs (approximately USD 250, 000) to fund the anti-corruption strategy's implementation.

« The Government plans to maintain the same enveloppe in 2013 and even increase it should the economical situation keeps imporving », the Head of State raised, adding that the good governance and combat against corruption national strategy is being disseminated among public administration servants to involve the largest number of actors.

While reminding positive recent reports on Burundian performances, President Nkurunziza called for more efforts to combat corruption in areas where risks are high, particularly « justice and police sectors. »